About Us

I know some of people won't care about this post at all. But oh well.. AT least you need to know who contribute in rising the site to now.. (Currently there already 50K+ views.. I'm so proud of my baby.. TT^TT). Okay.. here we goes..

In Pure Addiction, We currently have three authors:-

Being the only one active for now a bit sad..

Full name:- Liyana Hazwani Binti Zamri
Nickname:- Chibi
 Date of Birth:- 17th August 1992
Location:- Malaysia (anyone here from Malaysia??)
All-time fav group:- DBSK (yes.. Always Keep The Faith)
Fav Member in the group:- Kim Jaejoong (the gorgeous man ever.. hahaha)
YM:- chibi_green317
In charge of :- Founder, Site Design, Updating

What we could describe about her is that.. she is trying her best to fulfill the K-pop, J-pop, C-pop fans' satisfactory in spreading the LOVE OF ASIAN MUSIC. If you are free, just try to talk with her and she will glad to help  if she could and yes.. she's hyper when she got attached and close with someone.
Will be back after exam~ Stay tuned!!~
Full name:- Nurul Farhaini Binte Zohri
Nickname:- FaRz
 Date of Birth:- 23rd March 1993
Location:- Singapore
All-time fav group:- DBSK (Yikes!!we're the same!!)
Fav Member in the group:- Jung Yunho (I think she likes this.. did you, farz?)
In charge of:- Updating for KPOP mainly

this is from chibi's view about Farz. She loves DBSK much and fast in update ringtone than chibi if there is no school disturbing her. Her hobby in cutting ringtones made her to be partner with chibi really ease chibi a lot. Chibi is really appreciating her presence beside her and currently miss her when she's not around. Huhuhuhu.. FaRz and chibi even didn't understand why did youtube always picked on her to be suspended. Youtube is somehow picky??
I wonder where this girl is.. Is she fine??

Full name:- Carrie Feng (Carrie.. correct me if I'm wrong)
Nickname:- Carrie
 Date of Birth:- 1st December1994 (December whee..)
Location:- America
All-time fav group:- Super Junior
Fav Member in the group:- Ryeowook (I kinda remember about his dance for Insomnia)
In charge of:- Updating in the Facebook

All we know about her is that her favourite colour is Super Junior's fanclub colour, Sapphire Pearl Blue. Her favourite songs come from SNSD and Super Junior. She's the youngest in our site currently. Busy with school too like Farz, we hardly see her. If you read this.. Make sure to contact us. huhuhu..