Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[RINGTONE] KARA (카라) - Rock U

requested by Guest




-Rock U

[RINGTONE] Epik High - 따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow)

I think if i uploaded the preview in youtube, youtube will ban the vid right away though it's only ringtone. So, sorry for not giving any preview for how the posts I have done just like this.. TT____TT

Owhhh.. abit review for Epik high's album while I'm uploading this. Just SHORT Lines to describe.. THEY DEFINITELY ARE GREAT SONGS!! XD

Requested by Lou

Epik High -따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

[Ringtone] Taiga Kyomoto & Uekusa Yuta - Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~

taiga kyomoto and Uekusa Yuta sang Tegomass's song: Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~

All that I could find about these guys are they are from Johnny's Ent.
and image about them... =_____=. no result for the image. Yay!!! i finally found it!!~~

To know about the singer, watch this vid:-
Video features Uekusa Yuta & Taiga Kyomoto performed as well as Tegomass followed by.

 Ringtone for Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~



-Uekusa Yuta & Taiga Kyomoto Ver.  
(requested by Obsessed)

[RINGTONE] Hey!Say! 7 - Wonderland Train

Can't find cd version audio.

The best audio i could find without so much scream of the fans.

requested by Obsessed

Hey! Say! 7 - Wonderland Train

Sorry that I'm lazy to do the preview... =____=;;


[RINGTONE] Hey!Say! JUMP - Your Seed

requested by Obsessed

Hey! Say! JUMP - Your Seed



-Repeating Chant

The 2nd one i don't know how to name it.. so, there the name goes... ^__^
And thanks to Obsessed, I'm already like the song and tried to dig back Jpop.. Ahahaha

Later will post wonderland train and Kiss.

[RINGTONE] Davichi (다비치)- Hot Stuff

Davichi's song in My Fair Lady OST requested by Guest and yoojaesuk123.

Davichi- Hot Stuff


[RINGTONE] MC MONG - Indian Boy & Luv DNA

requested by Andy


Sorry that I'm Late.. Been Too Busy and AHHH~~~~ Can't express much how I REALLY BUSY. SO, here it is for now. Sorry that I'm not telling that i actually got to be hiatus for this week. I'm done with celebrating eid at my hometown!!~~^_^

Preview:- sorry that i only upload for indian boy


  • Indian Boy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[Ringtone] f(x) (에프엑스) -라차타 (La Cha Ta)

New girlgroup released by SM Entertainment while they are in the midst of trial court with DBSK.



01. 라차타 (La Cha Ta)

-Come on Baby~
-Amber's Rap. (requested by Pearlyn)

Try to understand that I really like to cut something that sometimes people won't notice much in a song. Ahahaha.. and Amber was one of my favorite in the group when watching the MV and before debut. However, as the performance goes on, the like starts to decrease due to her hair!!~~ her hair way too long that I can't see her eyes when she performed. So sorry, amber. you need to cut ur hairstyle like in the mv so that i can see your eyes!!~~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[Ringtone] 4MINUTE (포미닛) - 1st mini album For MUZIK

1st Mini Album by 4Minute, group under label of CUBE Ent.



Guest in shoutbox requested For Muzik, FYI.


[Ringtone] 8eight - Vol. 3 Golden Age

8Eight - Vol. 3 Golden Age

requested by Guest. Urm.. just to remind you visitors right now. Next time, put ur name or nickname for requesting. It's for easier way to handle the request.

and for the song cut for this group, i provided male and female cut as this group consist one female and one male vocalist in certain songs. But don't forget that there is a male rapper in the group~~

only added their promotion songs:-
Without A Heart, Goodbye My Love, No One Cries Because They Want To


01. The Light of My Life (Nae Salmui Bit, 내 삶의 빛)(Intro)
02.Poor Sunflower (Bulssanghan Haebaragi, 불쌍한 해바라기)
03. Chamjima (참지마)
04. Without a Heart (Shimjangi Eopseo, 심장이 없어)

05.Now Painful Enough (이제 슬픈건 충분해)
07.Can't Stop
08.You Said You Love (Saranghandamyeonseo, 사랑한다면서)
09.Pick (마중)
10.Freedom (Jayu, 자유)


01- Goodbye My Love

02- No one cries because they want to

Sunday, September 6, 2009

[Ringtone] Big Bang (G-Dragon) - Vol. 1 Heartbreaker

requested by carmen in shoutbox.

G- Dragon - Vol. 1 Heartbreaker

For this album, 3 cuts on Butterfly as the chorus is too many version.
No cut for 'the leaders' as no chorus in it.
Track no. 5 feat. 2ne1 Dara for those who can't read hangul.
track 6 with Kim Gunmo and track 7 with taeyang.
preview added only heartbreaker as i afraid YG will copyroghted the video if i put whole track in the album.
one of my video has been copyrighted by them due i uploaded GD's dancing video. so, don't want to mess up with them anymore.



04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라)

06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모)

07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양)

08. The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)

09. She's Gone (Feat. KUSH)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

[Ringtone] T-ara (티아라)- Lies

About this girl group, I just shocked to know Jiyeon, the maknae born on the same year with me 1992. Koreans entertainers really look mature than their age, huh?

And for those who do not know what entertainment T-ara is, they are the same label with SeeYa, Davichi and FT ISLAND. Another surprise for me while searching their biography but slowly become calm when I think the similarities they have under the same label is great vocal.

T-ARA - Lies


1.거짓말 (Lies) (Original)
2.거짓말 (Lies) (Ballad)

To get more ringtone cut, check FaRz's recent post than this post.

Friday, September 4, 2009

[RINGTONE] PSY ft Lee Jae Hoon - Areum daun Ibyul

requested by joyee_xd

아름다운이별2 by 싸이 & 이재훈

areumdaun ibyul2 by Psy & Lee Jae Hoon

it's weird that hangul and romaji psy's name doesn't spell the same.

FYI, this song is from PSY 4th Album.



[RINGTONE] Park Myung Soo ft Jessica - 냉면 (Naeng Myeon) (Cold Noodles)

requested by jellybutterXD

MyungCa drive (Park Myung Soo ft Jessica (SNSD)) - Naeng Myeon aka Cold Noodles

명카드라이브(박명수 & 소녀시대 제시카) - 냉면

This song is somewhat LOVE!!~~



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[RINGTONE] SNSD- 1st Album Girls' Generation

In September, I will be busy with trial exam ESPECIALLY. Yet, I will try to update this site when I'm free.

and today, just want to inform SS501 fans who live in Malaysia or nearby~~ THEY ARE HERE IN MALAYSIA and tomorrow will have FANSIGNING event at KL!!! (or to be specific One World Hotel,PJ)

Lucky for those who went. I'm totally busy to revise my study. Hukhuk...

Anyway, update for today is actually requested by wayne:-

SNSD - 1ST ALBUM Girls' Generation

Track 9 is a Duet between Kangta (H.O.T) and Taeyeon (Leader of SNSD)



01. 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation)


02. Ooh La-La!

03. Baby Baby

04. Complete

05. Kissing You

-Rock Ver.

06. Merry-go-round

07. 그대를 부르면 (Tears)

08. Tinkerbell

09. 7989
(feat. Kangta)

10. Honey (소원)

11. 다시 만난 세계 (Into the new world)