Friday, June 26, 2009

[RINGTONE] SNSD- Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) & 4MINUTE- HOT ISSUE

Because I keep bringing old songs ringtones, i think i should give the fresh one. So, This is the latest one out there. ^o^

SNSD (소녀시대) - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) [소원을 말해봐 (Genie)]


01 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)


Cube Entertainment unleashes their 5 member girl group, 4minute, comprising of Ji Yoon, Ga Yoon, Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and So Hyun. Their title song, Hot Issue is described by Cube as the Candy Funky Style, with their music, fashion, performance, showing sides of sweetness and funk while being rebellious and carefree at the same time. (DESCRIPTION TAKEN FROM: wondersmurf@ youtube)




Thursday, June 25, 2009

[RINGTONE] Yui - Again & Evan - Struggle of the Head and the Heart

I actually have completed cutting the ringtones on 22nd June.

However, due too absorbed in SNSD's new song, lots of relatives coming in and out of my house, and me, myself is struggling to see Dance, Subaru! on nearest cinema this week even though i replaced the urge with watching BLOOD: The Last Vampire.... here i am today giving you a new update.

requested by Joey

Yui- Again

I'm not really sure which part you want. so, i only cut the chorus. if you want another part, inform me.


Next, requested by Crystal.. our regular customer as well.. Hihihihi....

Evan- 머리와 심장이 싸우다...(Struggle of the Head and The Heart)

there are three verses of chorus I had identified in the songs..


Actually it's the same chorus.. only one or two words in the chorus are changed. So, do take all as each represented different meaning of chorus.

Till then, annyong!! and please.. please.. do not hotlink.

I know the trick people who hotlink by the way.
Please remember about that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[RINGTONE] 2NE1- Fire & KARA - 똑같은맘 (Same Heart)

Because I'm goofing around and randomly turning busy... this is the fastest update i could gave.

KARA (카라)- 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart)



2NE1- Fire.

I'm sorry that there's no preview for the song as I'm afraid Youtube will deleted the video and suspended my account due the copyright.

Other parts to be cut by request will be considered later.. =)

request will be completed soon. a day or two.. ^o^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[RINGTONE] SNSD- 1st Mini Album Gee

I know it's old.. but hahaha.. i'm so late to update... just accept it okay??
SNSD (소녀시대)- 1ST Mini Album Gee

Girls' Generation starts the new year in style with their new mini-album Gee. In their latest music video, the idol girl group slip into the roles of lifeless mannequins that mysteriously come to life in a boutique. The video is tailor-made for the girls and their new mini album which hits shelves the first week of 2009. Featured tracks include Way to go, Dear Mom, Destiny, Let's Talk About Love, and the titular Gee. [Taken from YESASIA]



01. Gee

02. 힘내!(Way to go)


03. Dear Mom

04. Destiny

05. 힘들어하는 연인들을 위해(Let's talk about LOVE)

[1st Ver] [2nd Ver]

Done with today update.. going to cut more.. ^__^

Monday, June 8, 2009

[RINGTONE] Ayaka- Okaeri & DBSK- Whatever They Say

Requested by 조이 투 더 월드~



sorry that if i cut a wrong chorus since there are a lot of 'Okaeri' repitition in the song.

If this is not the correct cut, do tell me.


Next one is requested by yoojaesuk123 on my youtube channel...


Various cuts as special service!!~~ ^o^

Since I'm having a week holidays that actually two weeks.... I'm super free and kind to do various cuts.. XDD~~

Anyway, enjoy downloading and have fun seeing a new look of the site though a bit shabby???~~ ^0^

new people who first step in this site, welcome.. and regular costumers... do greet us and sometimes tell your wish to have what kind of ringtones~~

i would glad to do it!!~~~ ^___^


if there is mistake on da link.. tell me~~

[RINGTONE] After School - AH & DIVA

Requested by Caja!!~~ My regular visitor!!~~ ahahahaha!!~~


Anyway, for those who didn't about After School.. Here's the simplest detail i could describe about them.. After School is originally 5 members in a group when they first debuted. However, in 2nd single which is Diva, another person joined them that made them six in total. This group's concept is different from other Korean Girl Group that always girly and full of cutesy. After School is a group that has the same concept like Pussycat Dolls and already being labelled as KOREAN PCD WHEN THEY FIRST DEBUTED with AH........... The leader of this girl group is Park Ga Hee. Kay.. so, how my really brief detail of AFTER SCHOOL.. ahahaha..


(ensure the cut by checking the lyrics... ^_^ AND CLICK BLUE BLUE TO DWLD)

ireohke duri neowa dan duri

eonjena urin dalkomhan iyagil hagopa
duri duri oneulbam duri saranghae uri duri duri baby

CUT 1:-
(Gahee) jalppajin darabwa wimo neoneun naege banhaji
(Suyeong) geudaeruel hyanghan wink hanbeon naege ppajiji
(Juyeon) ni nopeun kotdae nae mommaen eottae
(Jungah) nae apeseon ni modeunge muneojigo malkkeol

CUT 2:-
(Gahee) saranghanda malman malgo boyeo jugetni
nado niga mame deureo chumeul chugetni
(Juyeon) neowa na waenji jakkuman waenji
(Jungah) tonghal geotman gata neoreul sarang halgeot gata

CUT 3:-
(Suyeong) jjalbeum shigan gakkawojin uri duri sai
geudaewa nan ije haneuri maejeojun sai
(Gahee) dumal hal piryo eopseo dagawa naege eoseo
jumyeongi nareul beonjjeok bichumyeon

CUT 4:-
(Jungah) geudael yuhokhaneun nae nunbichi tteugeowojiji
dareun namnadeureun niga neomu mureowojiji
(Becca) mareun anhaedo nan aljanha pyohyeon anhaedo da ara
(Jungah) ppalgaejin ni eolguri da mareul haejujanha

na na na ~~~

(Becca) after school in the house modu gatji make it bounce
deurobwa jigeum nae man oneulbam tonight
dagawa mamothaetdeon yaegi
(Gahee) uri dulmani jaggo jageun soksagim
(Becca) geurae neon jigeum nal neomu wonhaji
(Gahee) gabyeoungeon shireo nae moseubi
(Becca) dareun jangso after party
geokjeongma ireon style
oneulbameun huhwi anhae nae mameul ppaeseobwa bad boy

romanization: tvxqslave@soompi


i love my boy (i love my boy)
i love my boy (i love you, my boy)
i love my boy (ddoodooroo ddooroo ddooroo)
i love my boy (i love you, my boy)
everybody scream! (yeah~)

oneul bam neh il bam jaggooman niga senggakna
naneun geudeh eh diva diva d-d-d-diva
oneul bam neh il bam jjalit jjalit han ee soon gan
naneun geudeh eh diva diva d-d-d-diva

jaggooman ni senggak eh nan nuh eh dalkomhan hyanggi
amooluhchi aneun chuk nan nehgeh bbajyuh bulyussuh
chagabgeh maleul anhehdo naneun mumchool soo ubssuh (nochil soo ubssuh)
nal bala bondago yaksokheh nehgeh

[1st rap]
i got ni mameul yul soo itneun master key. nun na eh masterpiece.
oori gatchi machi hwansangeh tag team
you know we are destiny
sarangeun boolta. after this, nuhmoona dalkomhan soksakim
jjalit jjalit han soksagim so sweet. boy, you're my favorite

just tell me what you wanna do
neh mam nuh gajyuh galago
i don't wanna let you go
nuh naman bala bolago
i just wanna get it done
sarangeul mal hal gguhlago
(apado jo ah niga ubshineun)
sal sooga ubssuh

i got a big plans for you, love.
for you i don't give a damn what people say
sarangi joong yo heh. no matter what, you are my man
jaggoman jumjum nan munjuh L.O.V.E. sarangilan gamjung
you're so perfect. nun nehgeh manjum. come to me. daga wajwuh

oneul bam ni gyuttehsuh jamdeulgoman shippuh
ilun geh sarang ilgga jaggoman ddullyuh
ddaddeut han nuh eh poom eh an gi goman shippuh
na ijeh uddukheh. nuh ehgeh bbajyut nabwa

oneul bam neh il bam jaggooman niga senggakna
naneun geudeh eh diva diva d-d-d-diva

romanizations/translations: crazykyootie@soompi;;rachLx3


As you see the title above..

This post regarding Site UPDATE!!~~~ OR more LIKELY CONTRIBUTOR UPDATE..



WE HAVE TWITTER ALREADY!!~~ LOL.. Why i'm the only one is hyped up..

We (actually i'm the one who created it.. hahaha) did this to let you know what we are up to and see how many actually watching and take care about us..

So, check OUR TWITTER, kay??^__^



Since I already take this thing seriously.. So, I discussed with Farz about our official email. It's bad to use my email and i keep thinking i always put Farz aside.. Mianhae for all these times, FARZ!!! You never disagree with what I did.. and i really appreciate to have you as my companion~~ TT^TT

Anyway, stop the melodramatic scene!! here is OUR OFFICIAL EMAIL:-

If you want to request ringtone... It's either shoutbox or the email.. araso?? Requesting through message or comment through youtube will be considered by us individually.. Hope you really understand this.


. HERE WE GO!!~~

Some of you might didn't know about this..

But I just want to tell you before anything bad happened...

One of my video actually got deleted due copyright by SBS on YOUTUBE. Therefore, if there will be two more videos got deleted by BIG-BIG company out there, my youtube channel will be suspended and I want you to go to my backup channel... chibigreen317

Kay.. that's all the update for now on JUNE.. SEE YA LATER, GUYS!!~~

and just want to tell you.. today going to fulfill request and posting up SNSD- Gee Mini Album..


Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm back~ ^^

New updates from me~~ ^^
I finally found back my mood to make ringtones...
*i think a few of them have been uploaded by chibi*

All Ringtones Available [Here]

After School

Bae Seul Gi

Big Bang
Everybody Scream
Lollipop (ft 2NE1)

Big Bang - SeungRi
Strong Baby

Share The World
Take Your Hands

Epik High
Love Love Love

Fly To The Sky

눈물이 뚝뚝 (Dropping The Tears)


마음이 다쳐서 (Heart Damage) (ft. Crown J)


Last Gift
Please, Don't Go

SNSD - Tiffany

나 혼자서 (By Myself)

Son DamBi
미쳤어 (Crazy)
Bad Boy
Saturday Night

Super Beaver
Shinkokyuu (Naruto Shippuuden OST)

Super Junior
Its You
Sorry Sorry 

Talk To Me

**some songs from BBF OST...
in my opinion is too slow to make it as a ringtone...
so i made another version where i speed it up a little bit ^^
dont kill me if i totally ruin the song ;)

Boys Before Flowers OST 1

01 T-MAX - Paradise
02 SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
03 Someday - Do You Know (Part1) (Part2) (Part2-Fast)
04 Shinee - Stand By Me
05 Ashily - Lucky (Original) (Fast)
06 Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight Tears (Original) (Fast)
07 Suh Jin Young - A Little (Original) (Fast)
08 Tree Bicycle - One More Time (Original) (Fast)

Boys Before Flowers OST 2 otw~