Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[RINGTONE] 2PM- Time For Change Mini Album

Kay, I'm overhype to write than uploading files or creating files...

So, let me write everything now before I'm turning to a lazy bum once again..

2PM- Time For Change Mini Album

After making a splash with their debut single Hottest Time of The Day which included the hit 10 out of 10, boy band 2PM is back with their second release Presenting an upgraded 2PM style, their new single is produced by their manager and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young. Featured songs on the 8-track release include the main track Again & Again, What Time Is It Now, "I Hate You" (Track 3), and "Maybe I'll Come Back" (Track 4).

[Review Taken from YESASIA]

Buy the mini album to support 2PM!! Ahahaha~!!!

PREVIEW:- (will do latere but not on youtube)

and sorry that very late update as I'm having problem with my files as well as I'm trying to give BEST ringtones cut Quality. So, I have to redo it again in the midst of completing my overload homeworks..

Anyway... This is for remembering 2PM Goodbye STage last week.. TT^TT

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