Thursday, April 23, 2009

[RINGTONE] BIG BANG (빅뱅) - 3rd Mini Album (3rd 미니 앨범) Stand Up

Actually eunji only requested for Heaven Ringtones at the shoutbox.. Yet, since I'm too free (is it.. hurmmm), I did most of the ringtones from BIG BANG - 3rd mini album STAND UP . (well.. not whole.. But you can say that.. ahahaha) ENJOY!! ^o^


01 . Intro (Stand Up)

02 . 하루 하루 [PoSt Link]

03 . 천국 (Heaven)

04 . 착한 사람
(A Good Man)

05 . Lady

06 . Oh My Friend

Did I ever say if I upload whole album (like this one above) I only provide the chorus part ringtones?? No?? Well, now you know.

Others' part need to request.

Then, bye2.

to jocelin:- is it okay if i just rip the audio from the vid and do the ringtones..?

Anyway, do enjoy!!~~ ^_^

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