Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[RINGTONE] DBSK- Secret Game & BIG BANG - Haru Haru

Do in one post for the request as I'm totally lazy for separate them right now.

Anyway, I want to cheer happily because I saw FaRz already do her introduction!!~~ YAY~~~ Kay, back to the main topic.

First, requested by Yuuki-san.

TOHOSHINKI- Secret Game.

(Note:- I'm supposed to cut the songs of whole album in SECRET CODE.... But schoolwork are torturing me these days to upload them in this site. So, Next week or later, Kay??)

there are only 4 parts since Jaejoong and Changmin's part linked with each other

  • Junsu ( The longest part in the song)

Next is requested by Crystal-san. I actually had done the chorus cut for Haru Haru. Yet, I forgot to move the link at blogspot. Well, again...

BIG BANG - Haru Haru

This time I did it with putting Haru Haru Chorus Acoustic Version as well as the Original one. The Acoustic Chorus is recommended since it's not so loud when you use it as ringtones.

(This suggestion surfaced up due I remembered that my mom always nagging how noisy my ringtones is.... so, if you want to avoid such nagging from your parents, you guys better do like what they told.)

In the youtube, I only put up Chorus of Haru Haru (Both Version) and The Ending because that is the highlight of the song...

Other download parts are optional.

(remember that part GD said 'Girl, I cry x2... n Bla bla.. Yeah, this is the ending I referred to.)

So, I've completed the requests by Crystal and Yuuki. Wee~~~

Probably Next Update Ringtones by Chibi (Only one of these below):-

  • BI- Rainism Album
  • TOHOSHINKI - Secret Code Album
  • FT ISLAND - Cheerful Sensibility

If there's someone voting, the pick will be easier.. ^^

Till then, do not hotlink the link and comment if you have time. Wee~~

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Crystal said...

Hard decision. Tohoshinki and FT Island are both my favourite bands! But still, I vote for Tohoshinki-Secret Code Album!! ^^ Oh, thanks again for Haru Haru ringtones!! ^^