Monday, May 11, 2009

[RINGTONE] DBSK- Purple Line (Jap) & White Lies (Live)

Hahaha.. I'm sorry that I didn't update for awhile though I've prepared a lot you could say?? ^_^

Anyway, i supposed to post this before Farz for few reasons. One is that Purple Line is supposed to Put in SECRET CODE BUT THE LIST IN YESASIA DON't HAVE IT and another one is requested by jocelin for WHITE LIES's part in concert where Yunho changed a word referring to JUNSU.

Yet, I kept postponed that ended till now.

So, here it is.






YUNHO's PART saying JUNSU in It.

There you go.

Completed the request.

Now, to those who want to be our affliate..

Sooner or later, i'll put the simple button. Buhuhuh..

Hope you see it and tell us first if you want to be our affy.

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