Friday, August 21, 2009

[RINGTONE] Brown Eyed Girls - 3rd Album Sound G

Today, 21st, Kibum's birthday!!~~ and I'm going to upload as many as I could especially right now is GIRL GROUP BATTLE TIME!!~~ and just want to share good news that AAADBSK3 also arrived today!!HAk hak!!

First, Brown Eyed Girls - 3RD ALBUM Sound G



01. Glam Girl

02. Abracadabra

03. 중독 (Addiction)

04. Candy Man

05. Moody Night

06. 이상한 일 (Strange Days)

07. 못 가 (Can't Go)

08. 여자가 있어도 (Although You Have Another Girl)

09. 잘할게요 (It'll Do Well)

1 comment:

cathrin said...

Nice ringtones i have never hear such tones...

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