Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[RINGTONE] Various Artist Part 2

Hahaha.. it's here... it's mean ten links for a post. no matter how many song and parts.. it will be ten links. So, enjoy. Mostly in here are requested by visitors. Owh before I forgot!! today is Carrie's birthday!!~~ Happy birthday, girl!! and this is 100th post!!! WHEE!!!

Preview :-

Download :-

1. SeeYa - His Voice [requested by ChanJiaXing]

[requested by duckie<3, toplover, xPookiex and guest]

[requested by duckie<3]

[requested by Danbi & eunbyul]

[requested by hueyijun]

8. Big Bang - Hallelujah (Chorus)
[requested by toplover]

[requested by toplover]

10.U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni (chorus)

well, there are other ringtone cut done by Farz for the same song i did. check our 89th and 90th Post. ^_^

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