Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[RINGTONE] 2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop Mini Album

recently, i'm doing great with mini album since only few songs in it. this one are requested by  Lolla, awin, JOANNELIM, fiona, Crystal^^, and joyee_xd. Anyway, I'm not a Nickhun's biased. I just loved Korean singing English..hahaha and yeah for the Don't Stop Can't Stop's ringtones part's name were a bit wrong.. So, forgive me for the mistake. ^__^;;

Preview:- Do I have to?? Heh.. Joking.. will do later.. Right now, Not in the mood for putting video.

Tracklist to for ringtones download:-
01 Don`t Stop Can`t Stop
You wanna see me fall, right, haters, like a candle on a windy night, yeah, right
Just watch me do this take a breath hold tight, I'm never going down without a fight, a'ight

02 Without U
[Piano Part] [Chorus] [Nickhun's Rap]
[Nickhun's English]
Listen, everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason

05 Without U (Explorer Mix)
[Chorus] [Nickhun's English]


FaRz's version ^.^

2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop (Mini Album)

01. Don't Stop Can't Stop (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)
02. Without You (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4) (Part5)
03. 마자 (As Soon As) (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)
04. 목숨을 건다 (I'm Risking My Life) (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)
05. Without You (Explore Mix) (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)
06. 마자 (As Soon As) (Space Mix) (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)

enjoy :)


awin said...

Yeyy!! 2PM's ringtones!!
hahaa..thanks for the khun's part..tau2 je org nk request nnti..hehee..=p

kamsahamnida <3

Jaclyn said...

woohoo thanks. i love without u. :]