Sunday, April 11, 2010

[RINGTONE] Epik High - Epilogue Album.

owhh.. their song 'Run' have many request.. owh wowiiieeeee~~~

Requested by 3pik <3, smiley, sungy and Wangfan.

I give out in ZIP FILE. Both passy are aktfdtow  (highlight to read). if the zip file corrupted, please tell me so i can upload the songs inside individually.

SONGS INCLUDED IN THE CUT:- (red ones are not included for cuts)

1. 서랍 (Drawer)
2. Run
3. 바보 (Fool)
4. Wordkill
5. Blossom
6. 비늘 (Scale)
7. 잡음 (Noise)
8. Coffee
9. Over
10. 숲 (Forest)

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