Thursday, March 31, 2011


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED drama from me~~~ it has a very POWERFUL ENDING! a very awesome story! you'll never regret watching this...

from this part onwards, reading is OPTIONAL. XD i think i babble too much~

to describe more bout how awesome this drama is... I am the type who cant even see a single drop of blood~ n this story didnt juz have blood, but organs >.< *puke*

but somehow, i survived. n totally love this! even had the thought of re-watching this again!! xD

(should include that i actually cover the screen at the disgusting parts.. heehee~~ only read the subtitle xD)

Sign OST

01. Kim Su Jin (김수진) - Bishop's Mes (Opening Title)
02. Krystal (크리스탈) (f(x)) - 나 때문에 (Because Of Me)
03. Yang Jung Woo (양정우) - Queen's Secret
04. Im Jaebum (임재범) - 독종 (Cold Blooded)
05. Yang Jung Woo (양정우) - Knight's Chase
06. Kim JinPyo (김진표) - 좋은 사람 (Good Person) (Drama Ver.)
07. Whale (웨일) - 그대라서 (Piano Ver.)
08. The One (더원) - My Love Song (Drama Ver.)
09. Kim Su Jin (김수진) - King's Rage
10. Choi SuJin (최수진) - 혹시
11. Yang Jung Woo (양정우) - Pawn's Mask
12. Whale (웨일) - 그대라서
13. Kim Su Jin (김수진) - Bishop's Tears
14. Kim JinYeob (김진엽) - 그대가 온다
15. Kim Sung Joon (김성준) - Devil's Salut
16. Supernova (초신성) - 이별하는 날 (The Day Of Separation)
17. Kim JinPyo (김진표) - 좋은 사람 (Good Person) (Original Ver.)
18. The One (더원) - My Love Song (Original Ver.)

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enjoy :D

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