Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[RINGTONE] SNSD (소녀시대) - Run Devil Run (런데빌런) Single

i was supposed to do the 3 songs in the repackaged album as ringtones.. but i'm lazy and right now here, the time shows 4:30 AM. i'm sleepy~~but i wanted to post this. Echo and Byulx3 R&B Ver. if you want as ringtones please request since Farz and I might forget to do it when we done with this.

Run Devil Run were requested by haelinra, seobaby, JC, Me(::, Dongho<3, and K-pop Addict

Hurmmm... who is having free time to do preview vid for each post?? I'm so lazy..arghhh~~

SNSD - Run Devil Run Single

Preview; yes.. i'm lazy~~


Requested by K-pop Addict 

RECOMMENDED:- in Zip FORMAT, 20 Ringtones Cut (excluded teaser cut) For Run Devil Run.

Password:- (highlight to read)


enjoy downloading and leave comment since I'm doing it in one go.. no draft at all.

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awin said...

Woww!!So co0l!! Tysm!!