Monday, March 22, 2010

[RINGTONE] Tohoshinki - Best Selection 2010

Released on Changmin's birthday, Tohoshinki or known as Dong Bang Shin Ki released a compilation album which includes all their Japanese hit singles.

Min and JKC-Pop Addict requested With All My Heart only. Hehehe.. I also in deep love with this song; not to forget Toki Wo Tomete.

However, I decided to post the whole ringtones for this album. BEST SELECTION 2010. Raise your hands if you miss Dong Bang Shin Ki in action!! OK!! I’m included all time you see. Even I miss Big Bang in action as well as Wonder Girls in Korea. Ahh.. big hallyu group.. do comeback in this year. It’s been a year since you guys in action.

Noted that there is no preview for these ringtones as they are all in Japanese Ver.



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awin said...

Toki Wo Tomete!!<3