Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[RINGTONE] U-Kiss - 1st Full Album Only One

So, UKISS – Only One Album finaalllyyyyy done~. See, I’m not good in those upbeat and autotune songs when doing ringtones since they are kind of noisy in my ear’s opinion. And I have to deal with the problem with focusing with the lyrics and took time to hear.

Anyway, this was requested by SONIA, awin, and joyee_xd. Sorry if I was late compared to SNSD and Kara’s stuff. AND YEAH… somehow lately I write my own tracklist rather than copy paste.

유키스 1집 - Only One : Without You 

Preview;- (later.. huhu)


01. Intro [not included]

02. 빙글빙글 [Bingeul Bingeul]
[Part:- [1], [2], [4], [6], [7]]

07. 만만하니(Remix)[Man Man Ha Ni (Remix)]

09. 니가좋아(Remix)[Niga Joah (Remix) [my download turned to be the instrumental of this]

13. 빙글빙글(inst) [Bingeul Bingeul (Inst.) [not included]]
14. 뭐라고(inst) Intro (not included)

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Anonymous said...

thank youuuu sooo much :D!!!! -joyee_XD