Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing CONTRIBUTORS of PuRe aDDicTion..

Hehehe... Today's post.. I, chibi would like to introduce you guys to our contributors of PuRe aDDiction!! (ahahaha.. self-claim by my own)

As you know, previous week..

I still working this site alone.

But now, I'm going to work with two or more.. (based on my hyper mood that time to invite people so sudden)

So, my first partner is... ^o^

FaRz or known as Xx963xX @ youtube!!
(clap for her please~~ XD)

Urmm.. i just know she's one of DBSK's Fans (i didn't know how crazy her is towards them... =__=)

sorry FaRz if I tease you too much..

Ahahah..anyway, she's my dongseng... a year younger and i just invited her if she wanted to do a collaboration with me.. AND LUCKILY, YES!! ( that time i felt like 'AM I DREAMING??!!!')

She's from Singapore.. and her wasting hobby is cutting song for RINGTONES... (read it on youtube puhuhu...)

I guess I have done introducing my new partner, FaRz..

If you want to know her more, just check on her channel in youtube.. (click to the pic for direct link)

(p/S to FaRz:- if you offense about what I'm doing, which is hotlinking your channel, remove it later)

And i just realized, i never introduced myself properly.

I'm the creator of this site, chibi OR greenstar317 on youtube OR chibi_green317. (or whatever that you ever find me..)

Born in 1992 and live in Malaysia, I have the same hobby like FaRz..

what else, hurmmm???

I'm trying to spread KPOP,JPOP and Anime Disease to those people who befriend with me.. So, watch out if you are not befriend with me yet... I could spread the disease no matter what such as few of most problematic my friends.. muahahaha...

K, my channel in youtube (current) is here..

some of you might already know it.. oh well... (click on the pic)

Till then my introduction of CONTRIBUTORS OF PURE ADDICTION...

Hope you will continue supporting us..

-NEXT UPLOAD:- [RINGTONE] - DAVICHI- In Wonderland Mini Album Vol.2

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Timelesslover said...

Keep up the good work! ^^