Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[RINGTONE] Changmin - Upon This Rock & Super Junior - SORRY SORRY

In this post, it's going to be awkward if I post only A RINGTONE. Thus, there are two and both were requested which I am totally happy!!~~ ^o^

One is requested by xiahchar10. CHANGMIN- UPON THIS ROCK

Mianhae to xiahchar10 that I postponed it almost a week...

picture credit:- on tagged

[Upon This Rock by Choikang Changmin]

and like i promised with one dongseng, solitary8ka


(p/s:- to those that might expect I will cut the song like I did on DBSK- Survivor, I'm totally apologize since it's hard to cut the Super Junior one without correct lyrics.. =____= Maybe after they had released the full album on 12th March??)

I'm confused for one thing...

What date actually the 3rd album of Super Junior is out?? is it 12th March or 16th March 2009 because YESASIA WROTE EXPECTED RELEASE 16TH MArCH 2009.. So, which is the real date supposed the album released??

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