Monday, March 23, 2009

[RINGTONE] Davichi- In Wonderland Mini Album Vol. 2

School already started back in Malaysia.. which I'm going to give it all my best for school since I'm going to take SPM this year. Wish me luck!! and here the update i promised you guys!! ^o^

DAVICHI MINI ALBUM VOL. 2 (다비치 두번째 미니앨범) - In Wonderland

Davichi is back. The duo consisting of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung was celebrated as a top newcomer in 2008, winning not only the hearts of regular listeners but also of critics. Thanks to numerous hits, including "Love You Even Though I Hate You" and "Love and War", they were honored with several music awards. Now it's time for their second mini album, with the two girls lending their harmonic vocals to trendy trance rhythms and pop ballads. The principal track on the highly anticipated release is 8282, with "I Crossed the Line" (Track 2) standing out as another highlight.

-Taken from YESASIA and i edited Kang Min Kyung name since they wrote Gang Min Kyung-


01 . 8282

02 . 사고쳤어요 (I Made An Accident)

03 . My Man

04 . 사랑이 우습니 (Is Love That Foolish??)

05 . 오르골 (Orgel)

06 . Crazy woman [NOT INCLUDED]

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