Friday, November 13, 2009

BigBang, f(x), MC Mong, etc

havent upload the vids @ youtube yet. mayb tomorow...?

im making more ringgs right now... ^^ so the video may come a bit later.. either by dis sunday, or delay till next fri/sat.

All Download Links: [Here]


Big Bang, Taeyang – Where U At
f(x) – Chocolate Love (Part1) (Part2)
MC Mong – Horror Show (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4) (Part5)
SNSD – Chocolate Love
Taegoon – Betrayed


2NE1, Bom – You And I (Part1) (Part2)
Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)
- BUMP BUMP! (Part1) (Part2)
Brown Eyed Girls – Sign (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)


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