Friday, November 20, 2009

[SITE UPDATE] New Contributor, Carrie a.k.a Yeonna-kiyeo

Hey guys~~ It's been awhile since we have new author or contributor and yet I'm late to introduce her.

She's an american chinese and will contribute in Cpop ringtones. Two years younger than chibi and a year younger than FaRz, she is Carrie aka Yeonna-kiyeo in blogspot!! (Wheee~~clap your hands plz)

On 1st Dec 2009, she'll turn 15!~~ Awww, so young~~ (I envy her..)

Super Junior's Ryeowook is her favorite artist and her favourite colour is Sapphire Pearl Blue - (The official colour of Super Junior's fanclub in Korea; Everlasting Friend).

^Isn't this a beautiful sight???
By the way, do you know that DBSK's fanclub in Japan, BigEast used the same colour of Super Junior's light while DBSK sang 'Stand By U' in 4th Live Tour:- The Secret Code??

Her favorite song is anything from SNSD and Super Junior based on her mood. Currently from what she told me, she has a youtube's account. However, due some technical problem and facing midterm, she couldn't tell the account yet.

Fortunately for visitors who craving Cpop ringtones especially from Fahrenheit's songs, she already created and I will help her posting it up. So please credit to her for the work she did.

I only help in posting and introducing her. Please give a warm welcome to our youngest contributor (currently)!!~~^__^

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Anonymous said...

welcome carrie. do c-pop proud.