Thursday, November 26, 2009

[RINGTONE] 2PM - 1st Album 1:59PM

I love 2PM no matter what happened!!~ and their music rocks!!~~ Junho & wooyoung are love!!~~ Heartbeat, Tired of Waiting, I was Crazy about You and others are AWESOME!! Here is the ringtone that I cut from the album!!~~

2PM - 1st album 1:59PM

 (if the preview got deleted, i won't do it again)


  • My Heart
  • Heartbeat
(Chorus) (Rap)
  • 기다리다 지친다 [Tired of Waiting]
(Chorus) (Rap)
  • 너에게 미쳤었다 [I was Crazy For You]
 (Chorus) (Rap)
  • Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
(Chorus) (Rap)
[You Might Come Back (Bossa Nova Mix)]

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